BMCDB Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Mission Statement

The BMCDB Diversity and Inclusion Committee (DEIC) aims to increase the outreach and recruitment of individuals from underrepresented and diverse backgrounds. By bringing diverse voices to the graduate group, we can broaden our scope of creative solutions in order to gain increased understanding and better answer various scientific questions. We also aim to promote and foster a diverse, equitable, and inclusive training environment by providing diversity and anti-racism training for all BMCDB members (faculty and students) and mentorship training for all BMCDB faculty members. 

The National Science Foundation (NSF) reports the achievement gap as a decrease in the number of underrepresented individuals in higher education and at the faculty level. We hope to address the disparity gap that currently exists by increasing the recruitment and retention of these underrepresented individuals, Lastly, we hope to create an enriching experience by focusing on the support and success of these individuals within BMCDB.

If you are interested in joining the DEIC, please click this link:

2021-2022 Co-Chairs: 

Mikaela Louie
AJ Mendiola

If you have any questions about the BMCDB graduate group or questions about life as a student here, please do not hesitate to contact any DEIC members.

DEIC Subcommittees

Data Acquisition and Analysis Sub-Committee

Purpose: To generate and distribute surveys in order to collect information from BMCDB students. Works closely with other sub-committees for various data acquisition.

Sub-Committee leads: and Jamie Ho

Sarah Wang

Jamie Ho

Injustices in Science Discussions Sub-Committee

Purpose: Provide an in-class opportunity to unpack some of the “-isms” (e.g. racism, sexism, classism) on which science was founded   

Sub-Committee Leads:

Sara Konopelski Snavely
Mikaela Louie

Outreach Sub-Committee

Purpose: increase recruitment of a more diverse student population to BMCDB and graduate school as a whole by demystifying the admissions process and how to overcome obstacles in science

Sub-Committee Lead:

Cindy Khuu

Student Wellness, Inclusion, and Retention Liaison (SWIRL)

Purpose: Provide resources and support for students, build a community within BMCDB that is welcoming and inclusive of all, establish connections between peers to build strong mentorship and support systems

Sub-Committee Leads: Theresa Wechsler and Selin Gumusderelioglu

Theresa Wechsler
Selin Gumusderelioglu

Training Sub-Committee

Purpose: Partner with the BMCDB Mentorship Committee to identify and recommend appropriate DEI- and mentorship-related training opportunities for BMCDB faculty

Sub-Committee Lead:

Helen Lamb

Membership Renewal Form Sub-Committee

Purpose: Work with Membership Committee to review and update current membership renewal form

Sub-Committee Lead:

Megan Liou

DEIC Admissions Representatives Sub-Committee

Purpose: To serve as DEI representatives on the BMCDB Admissions Committee by reviewing applications and working with faculty to identify stellar students who should be invited for BMCDB interviews

Sub-Committee lead:

AJ Mendiola