BMCDB Ph.D. Program Course Requirements

The following courses must be completed with a grade of B- or better:

  1. Core:
    • BCB 210 Molecular Genetics and Genomics (3 units)
    • BCB 211 Macromolecular Structure & Interactions (3 units)
    • BCB 212 Cell Biology (3 units)
    • BCB 213 Developmental Biology (3 units)
    • BCB 214 Molecular Biology (3 units)
  2. Readings Course (BCB 215, 2 units), a two-week intensive course that meets in the final weeks of the spring quarter and concentrates on the development of critical reading skills through study of major paradigm advances in specialized fields of biochemistry, molecular, cell, and developmental biology. Emphasis on active learning and student participation. Guided analysis of literature and major advances in the field of study.
  3. Rotations (BCB 220L, 10 units), two five-week rotations per quarter during fall and winter of the first year. At the end of each rotation, students give short presentations on their rotation projects to the other first-year students, the instructor in charge and any other faculty and students who wish to attend. In addition, each student prepares a short written report. Alternative schedules can be arranged for compatibility with training grant requirements.
  4. Biochemistry, Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology Seminar (BCB 290; 1 unit total) in fall quarter of the second year
  5. Elective course: Each student must take at least two additional advanced courses (minimum of 6 units) to be selected in consultation with the academic advisor and major professor. Attention to the schedule on which such courses are offered is essential - many are offered only in alternate years.
  6. Teaching Assistantship (TA) requirement: Participation in teaching is an essential part of training in the graduate program. In addition, teaching experience can be helpful later in obtaining employment. Students are required to TA one advisor-approved undergraduate biochemistry or molecular biology laboratory (or lecture) course such as MCB120L. It is expected that students fulfill this requirement during the third quarter of their first year or during the first two quarters of the second year. It must be fulfilled prior to the qualifying examination. While working as TA's students must register for MCB 390 (1 unit) or equivalent.

Teaching assignments may vary according to past teaching experience and source of support. Open positions are advertised quarterly across the campus. Application forms may be obtained from Section or Departmental offices. In general, applications are current only for the quarters indicated on the form. New applications must be filed for subsequent consideration. It is recommended that students begin looking for TAships 2 quarters before they plan to TA.

Students will enroll for 12 units per quarter including research, academic and seminar units. Courses that fulfill any of the course requirements may not be taken S/U unless the course is normally graded S/U.

Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better to be eligible for employment as a Teaching Assistant, for fellowship funding and for non-resident tuition awards. If the GPA falls below 3.0, the student is placed on academic probation. If a student is on academic probation for two successive quarters, the student is subject to disqualification upon recommendation of the BMCDB Executive Committee to the Dean of Graduate Studies.